EVGA Vacuum Systems – Medical Systems

According to the new EN 7396-2 Regulations, beyond the EN 7396-1 COVS Medical Units, EUROVACUUM also produces the Medical Vacuum Systems for the aspiration of the anaesthetic gasses with two side channel aspirators and their accessories, beyond the switchboard, arranged inside a soundproofed closet.

The EVGA Vacuum Systems are controlled by a remote control panel arranged into the surgery rooms.

If you click on the name below, you can read the data sheet in PDF of the EVGA Vacuum Systems:

If you need some changes or specific implementations, do not hesitate to contact us at our telephone number (0039) 02.92800546 or using our e-mail address info@eurovacuum.it. In fact, thanks to a 3D software, our Technical Office is able to customize, according to your requests, the Vacuum Systems you need. Moreover, you can see a preview of the project of your Unit, in order to modify it or approve it.